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50 for the Cure: On the Road

Saving Lives One Mile at a Time

I am planning a "50 for the Cure: On the Road" project, which will raise awareness and money for Susan G. Komen - to put an end to breast cancer!

When I originally came up with my "50 for the Cure" idea, the plan was to run one mile in every state. I would post my schedule and encourage people to run in person with me, or they could make a donation. Due to COVID, I had to pivot and was able to run with one person in every state virtually via Zoom and raise $100,000+. Now, it's time to hit the road!

I'm looking forward to meeting people affected by breast cancer, giving hope and courage to those suffering from breast cancer, and raising money for breast cancer research, as well as seeing every state along the way. I am looking for help to get the word out and find sponsors to make this possible.

On the Road: About Us
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